Friday, December 6, 2013

A Complementarian Reviews the Pearls

Finally! A non-feminist, honest, and excellent review of Created to be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl. This review is by Tim Challies, a complementarian and conservative reformed minister. Mostly because of my utter disdain for legalism, I am on a tirade to remove the Pearls' books from all Christian homes. It's true that there is some good to be gleaned from them, but since we don't live in the former Soviet Union, where there are only 3 books on parenting and 2 are written by the government, let's pick better books, shall we? (In other words, there are PLENTY of better books out there, so why choose these? :) )

This review is astonishing to me and contains many of my own thoughts as I read many excerpts from her book. It is well worth the read! 

Part 1

Part 2

Here is another, more detailed review from a woman who seems to have a pretty Biblical view on womanhood and marriage.


Anonymous said...

My views are most along the lines of Reformed Presbyterian.
However, I grew up going to church & being told, Jesus loves you!
Which didn't mean much to me.
This book had fallen into my lap, I'm still not even sure how until this day. And it put enough fear of God into me, that brought me to my knees for the first time in my life, to actually beg God for mercy on me.
I didn't care that the book hurt my feelings.
In reality, it showed me I wasn't being a good wife. And that I am in desperate need of Gods grace, and that God is extremely powerful.
I'll be forever grateful for the Lord using the Pearls to bring me to salvation.
I would be divorced, if it wasn't for God using people like them, to tell me that God is holy, rather than a man named Jesus, that wears a woman's night gown loves me. Which is how I grew up & is a huge problem today.
I don't agree with every Theology that The Pearls have, but they appear to have a lot of fruit in their lives. Their children seem happy & to love the Lord.
The people I know who have the most negative things to say, bare no fruit in their lives, and they are more critical than they claim the author of the book is.

Dee D said...

God can use anything, for which I am very thankful! However, the ends don't justify the means, either in your life or that of their children. Any many of their "means" are unbiblical.